Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Bless all things

It is easy to take someone else's inventory and deny our own. The ego is a constant projector. Until we go within "with the Holy Spirit" and observe the lie we will be bound by it. Even when we witness on the news someone who has committed a murder, we need to go within and ask ourselves, have we ever committed the same thing in our mind? We are not a victim of this world we are volunteers. When we find ourselves in something uncomfortable~bless it~move away~God already handled it. Be still and know~be still and love!

Lesson 198 (ACIM~1st two verses)

Only my condemnation injures me. 
Injury is impossible. And yet illusion makes illusion. If you can condemn, you can be injured. For you have believed that you can injure, and the right you have established for yourself can be now used against you, till you lay it down as valueless, unwanted and unreal. Then does illusion cease to have effects, and those it seemed to have will be undone. Then are you free, for freedom is your gift, and you can now receive the gift you gave. 
Condemn and you are made a prisoner. Forgive and you are freed. Such is the law that rules perception.It is not a law that knowledge understands, for freedom is a part of knowledge. To condemn is thus impossible in truth. What seems to be its influence and its effects have not occurred at all. Yet must we deal with them a while as if they had. Illusion makes illusion. Except one. Forgiveness is illusion that is answer to the rest. 
Matthew 7:3
Why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?

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