Thursday, February 19, 2015

" I AM is Now"

" I AM " is NOW (
What happened in the past is no longer here. What is about to happen is not here either. All we actually have is the nowness of this moment. God is a now God, not a yesterday God, or a tomorrow God. The greatest gift we can offer someone is giving them our full presence here and now. " I AM " is " Now ".
A Course in Miracles (workbook 4 students)
Lesson 314 (2nd paragraph)
I seek a future different from the past.
Father, we were mistaken in the past, and choose to use the present to be free. Now do we leave the future in Your Hands, leaving behind our past mistakes, and sure that You will keep Your present promises, and guide the future in their holy light.
Love with passion
Dance in the light

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