Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Raise the vibration

With love and light

Transform through Spiritual Coaching
Spiritual growth and development is transforming from the inside out. Our magnificent light is meant to shine. Through Spiritual Coaching we reach our potential. We learn HOW to break free of limiting beliefs Now! We are meant to live as God would have us be, happy, joyous and free.

"Raise the vibration"
How is our energy today? Are we experiencing the Joy of the Lord today? Are we excited to express love to up lift others? Are we being the vessel God will use today for maximal purpose and service? Or did we wake up over thinking a problem? Did a former partner come back and say something that seemed to wreck the whole day? Did a Family member call and cross over a boundary we swore we would honor? Well, good news! Start over and choose again. Choose God, and joy is the result. Choose ego, and it is a disaster, because it is consumed in self centeredness. We do not have to let anything or anyone interfere with the Joy God placed in our Hearts. We have the Power to move the mountain because God gave us the power by His love and Grace. Jesus tells us that if we have Faith the size of a mustard seed, we can tell the mountain to move from here to there and it will. That mountain He was talking about is the mountain of problems we seem to run into. Remember, don't tell God our problem, tell our problem about God. Raise the vibration of the World by living in the Power of Resurrection, "Christ consciousness".

Love with passion, Dance in freedom, Nanette-

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